Race Information


Sunday 26th January 2020

Start Times:

Half Marathon: 9:30am

5k & 10k : 10:00am

Address: Middleton Rd, Higher Blackley, Manchester M25 2SW​

Race Numbers

To collect your race pack you will need to make your way down to the registration desk between 8:30am – 9:15am for the Half Marathon and between 8:30am – 9:45am for 5k & 10k runners.

The Half Marathon race will start promptly at 9:30am and the 5k & 10k race will start promptly at 10:00am. The earlier you get there, the more efficient we will be on the day. You will only need one number attached to the front of your shirt, if you have your own pins then that would be great but we will have supplies if needed. Your timing chip will also be in the envelope, this needs to be attached to your shoe as per the instructions on the back of the chip. Please make sure you keep your number on at all times during the race. At the finish you can dispose of your chip (we do not need to collect them back).

When you collect your race packs, please take a couple of minutes to fill out the brief runner Information form which can be found printed on the back of your bib. This will help us greatly in case of an emergency!

Please ensure you attach your chip to your laces correctly, there are instructions on the back of the chip, as below:

You can see the Entry List HERE. If there are any issues, contact us on [email protected]


Heaton Park
Middleton Rd
Higher Blackley
M25 2SW

For sat nav use for entrances and walking times at a steady pace of 3.1km per hour (in brackets) to farm centre.

  • M25 2GT: St Margaret’s Road entrance (5 mins & 12 mins)
  • M25 2SW: Middleton Road entrance (10 mins)
  • M25 2SW: Smithy Lodge entrance (12 mins)
  • M25 0DL: Sheepfoot Lane entrance  (12 mins)
  • M25 1SS: Metrolink Entrance (14 Mins)
  • M25 1JH: Grand Lodge (20 mins)

There is plenty of pay & display parking a few minutes walk from the race start, you can see more details on parking HERE.


Please use the park toilets, located here:



There will be water provided on every lap of the race, and at the finish line alongside water, bananas and of course flapjacks!

Good Luck with the run on Sunday from Team ACTIPHACTIPH Water is the UK’s first alkaline ionised bottled water with the highest pH in Europe. Through a unique ionisation process, our purified spring water is infused with a blend of electrolytes and supercharged to create a smooth and clean tasting alkaline water with a pH9+. ACTIPH is the healthy choice as you restore and maintain your natural balance, enabling you to live life to the fullest and get the most out of every day. All ACTIPH bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA free including the cap and label which makes us unique to other bottled waters and we believe gives us a clear sustainability advantage. Please remember to recycle in a recycling bin after the race. Take your hydration to a higher level and grab a bottle of ACTIPH at the finish line.

There will be a coffee van on site and the park cafe will be open for you to grab a post race snack. There will also be a hot food vendor.

During the race

As it is a lapped course, there is the high probability that at some point the leaders and lead bikes will be passing you.  Please listen to direction from the lead bike to ensure safe passing, and we also advise to avoid wearing headphones in the interest of safety.

The race will be lead by an individual on a bike.  The course is all on paths within the park. The 5k is one lap while the 10k is 2 laps. The Half Marathon course differs slightly from the 5k & 10k ONLY on the first lap. You will do 1 small lap followed by 4 laps, but we will have marshals and signs at all crucial points. You can see the course maps HERE.

There will be a water station on each lap and at the finish line.


The start and finish will be easily accessible for anyone wanting to come and watch the event. There is plenty of parking. Heaton Hall is beautiful and will be well worth a walk around afterwards.


Results will be available on www.runheaton.com after the race.


We will have a photographer taking a few snaps of the race and they will be up on Facebook after the race so be sure to check it out and see if you can spot yourself.

If you are running for a charity, or are raising money for a charity please could you email us the details so we can share the information to [email protected] with your Name, Charity, a link to your online fundraising page & maybe a sentence or two on why you are raising money for this cause. Also if you have any pictures of yourself that would be great to send over.

For updates leading up to the race, please check out our Facebook page.

If you’re on Instagram, follow us @RunHeaton.